"The future belongs to those who believe in the magic of dreams"

I dont know about you but we are sick of the commercial crap on the high street. Excuse my French.

What is a Fast Food outlet? We think its a place where you can get a Fast, Fresh, Hot meal to eat wherever you please. In modern times the high street is crammed with coffee shops. Department stores now contain delis (and sushi bars), Clothing stores now sell salads, Furniture shops sell meat balls. It's all upside down. We want to go to a food establishment with loads of choice, Clear passion and an understanding of food.

Born from a love of food and a frustration of the choice available. We are here to provide a service to the hungry diners on planet Earth. We are proud to be in the service industry and we are proud to serve you on a daily basis.

We are creating a movement the whole uk can be proud of! We want to change the way Hight Street food works, we want to bring the production of food back out of the board rooms and science labs, and back into REAL kitchens selling REAL food.


99 Grey Street

Newcastle upon Tyne


Tel: (0191) 2605822

Monday - Saturday

11am - 6pm

(Delivery 7pm - 11pm)


12pm - 6pm

(Delivery 7pm - 11pm)

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